A tweet review from @aldergroves

A review from Lydia:

"Caroline's reading was insightful, written very clearly to help even tarot-noobs like me understand what the cards mean, and most importantly: brimming with compassion and kindness. They've given me a lot to think about, and I can definitely imagine turning to Caroline again when I have a question or problem." 

A review from Ariana M.:

"The reading Caroline provided for me was in-depth and honest. The visuals paired with their interpretations of each pull provided clarity and insight into my current challenges. I’m someone who seeks guidance from external spiritual sources when I’m struggling on my own, and I have a basic understanding of Tarot, but not so much that I feel confident that I’m reading the cards how they need to be read. The way that Caroline was able to tie each interpretation directly to what I had asked of them, made me feel like they have a deep knowledge of Tarot and took care to understand what kind of support I was seeking."

A review from Candis:

"My reading from Caroline couldn’t have come at a better time. This was my first experience receiving a tarot card reading and I obtained insight and motivation that I didn’t expect. The past few years have been really difficult for me, and this spread not only legitimatized my feelings, but gave me hope for the future. Caroline has an elegant way of describing each card and how it relates to my question and my life. The analysis of the cards genuinely moved me to tears and I could not be more thankful for the level of detail and compassion given to me. Thank you Caroline."

A review from Amanda:

"The Æther Spread is perfect for looking at the various influences at play in my current situation. Caroline not only interpreted the spread in relation to my initial question, but also intuitively read the cards to get at the heart of the issue, answering questions I hadn’t even thought to ask. I came away from Caroline’s detailed, wonderfully written PDF report with clarity about what the right next steps are for me, and I’m so glad I trusted Caroline with my question!"

A review from Elliot:

"Caroline's reading was excellent; both concise and insightful. Caroline was able to get under the surface of the question I asked and illuminate my real problem, and provide helpful and compassionate guidance."

An Instagram review from Ariana P.:

"after feeling restless and lost for what felt like forever, i asked caroline (@moonofretribvtion) for advice and guidance. caroline’s approach to tarot is holistic and was able to pick up on every thought and follow up question i had brewing in my mind. reading their in-depth interpretation provided me with clarity and a calm reassurance that i am on a path for my success. caroline is an intuitive reader and, despite them not being here with me, the reading felt personal and familiar. check out their page for more information or a reading for yourself!"

A review from Emily:

"Carolines reading was the insightful kick in the pants that I needed. Their descriptions of the cards was interesting and easy to understand, and really helped me to bring some things in my life into focus. I find myself going back to their words and have been spending a lot of time thinking about them, and the things I need to work on on a personal level. I think if you are, like me, a little aimless in life and have a hard time putting your finger on whats holding you back, Caroline's readings will be really helpful."

A review from Robyn:

"Caroline's reading is doubtlessly the most comprehensive and helpful I've received. They responded to a complex question with a depth of understanding, accuracy, and empathy that well exceeded the expectations I typically have for tarot readings. Their reading provided firm, welcome guidance that I've found myself returning to multiple times. Caroline's reading is absolutely a testament to the power of tarot and I would strongly advise anybody to seek a reading."